Why Adcreda?

The name Adcreda derives from the Latin word “Trust.” Although the word trust is used by everyone from bankers to bakers, for me holds significant meaning. An accountant is not just merely a number cruncher, but a trusted advisor who is there to help people realise their goals.

It was something that my parent’s instilled in me from an early age. My parent’s never believed in holding back anything from their children. I still recall times when their accountant would visit. There was never a closed door, we were never told to go away when he arrived. My parents showed me what it felt like to be trusted completely. It was an honour, but one I needed to respect. Trust was hard earned, but could be easily broken and taken away.

Fast forward to now, and I was talking to my wife about what I should name my practice. Her advice was, “what is your philosophy – why do people choose you as their accountant?” At that point I recalled those times at home with my parents and the lesson of trust – and from there Adcreda was born.

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